Argentina and Chile play out a goalless draw in Los Angeles 2019 friendly

Argentina vs Chile
Argentina drew with Chile 0-0 on Thursday in the US friendly

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Argentina on Thursday drew with Chile 0-0 in an international friendly in the USA as both teams weren’t able to break the deadlock in regulation time.

Both teams would have loved a win under their belt but weren’t able to have one any ways good luck to them moving ahead.

Argentina were without Lionel Messi and it might have been a setback but Argentina need to learn to be less dependent on him. The more the team plays as a unit and collectively the better.

Chile should be very proud of the draw they managed as it shows their prowess as a team who can take on the bigger teams.

The Chileans showed solidity at the back which is a good thing moving ahead whereas they need a bit more effort in the final third.

Argentina started the game well with attack minded approach although they were not successful. They should learn from their mistakes.

In the game the link up play was quite better and it should be a good thing going ahead but in the final third they need to convert those chances.

The more bigger teams won’t give you any single opportunity so you need to take your chances. No doubt Chile were the better team on the day and they would be more happier of the two countries.

Argentina next play Mexico in an international friendly while Chile take on Honduras. So good exciting encounters to look forward to for football fans.

Argentina also have a big friendly coming up in October against Germany. So lot of good football to look forward to.

Lionel Scaloni still needs some time to be one of the best coaches for the Argentina side. After Copa America 2019 Argentina need someone here to take the team to more friendly and known heights.

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